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He Licks His Lips When a lion licks its lips, it usually means that it's going to eat you. This week in the strange and quirky stories from China, a man entered a zoo enclosure with 11 white tigers, a grandson tries to live up to his iconic grandfather and statues in Shenzhen bring. . –> could show romantic interest, flirting in a subtle way. . 10 Kevin McGarry. Cartoon Boy Stock Photos And Images. He wants to introduce himself to you. Ultimately, it is important to read the body language and facial expressions of the person in question in order to determine what they might be thinking or feeling.

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Herman Melville understood this, once calling a smile “the chosen vehicle for all ambiguities. 1. Absence of Closed Eyes. . If they turn red or smile back, there's a good chance that there's an attraction there. If he did it out of attraction, he’d probably show you other signs of attraction. This famous supermodel is best known for the beauty spot just above her lip. Touch device users. Men who look at a woman want to know her age in a few seconds.